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Price per Set
Add Ripleys Believe it or Not MP3 CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Believe It Or Not - Ripley's One Minute Mysteries Details 1 416 5.00
Add Bill Stern MP3 CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel Details 1 127 5.00
Add Doctor Christian CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Doctor Christian

Light Drama: 1937-1954.  30 min. Starring Jean Hersholt as Dr. Paul Christian, a kindly doctor-philosopher in the little town of River's End.  All but 1 file encoded at 64/44 excellent sound.

CD194A 1 43 5.00
Add Family Doctor CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Family Doctor Details 1 39 5.00
Add Father Coughlin 2 CD Set to PayPal Shopping Cart Father Coughlin Details 2 53 6.50
Add Goldbergs 2 CD Set to PayPal Shopping Cart Goldbergs, The - All known Episodes

Serialized Comedy-Drama: Starring Gertrude Berg & James R. Waters
1929-1931 NBC BLUE 15 min.
1931-1934 NBC 15 min.
1936 CBS 15 min.
1937 NBC 15 min.
1938-1945 CBS, WOR, NBC 15 min.
1949-1950 CBS 30 min.

2 248 6.50
Add Life Of Mary Sothern CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Life of Mary Sothern

Soap Opera - 1934-1938.  15 min. Minabelle Abbot, Fran Carlton, and Betty Caine star as Mary Sothern, a fast-paced story of a young mother finding it difficult to keep her husband's two feet on the ground.

CD193A 1 164 5.00
Add Mister President CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Mister President

Historical Drama - 1947-1953.  30 min. Edward Arnold as the president.  Little known biographical sketches.  Some very historical.  Listeners are challenged to identify the president before the end of the broadcast when he is identified.   Although the shows do repeat the president the stories are all different.

CD195A 1 45 5.00
Add Romance of the Ranchos MP3 CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Romance of the Ranchos Details 1 35 5.00
Add Serials Miscellaneous CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Serials Miscellaneous

Complete short series that are not long enough to put on a CD by themselves.

American Trail (13 episodes) 64/44
Green Valley Line
(26 episodes) 64/44
Moon Over Africa
(26 episodes) 64/44

CD169A 1 65 5.00
Add Soap Opera Miscellaneous CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Soap Opera Miscellaneous

Mary Noble,Backstage Wife - 1935-1955.  10 min. 164 episodes.
Young Widder Brown - 1938-1956.  10 min. 72 Episodes

CD177A 1 236 5.00
Add Whatever Became Of CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Whatever Became Of... Details 1 73 5.00
Add Words At War CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Words At War Details 1 90 5.00
Add You Are There CD to PayPal Shopping Cart You Are There Details 1 29 5.00

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